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Laura Burk

Life transitions and unresolved trauma can make us feel like we become trapped in our own bodies and unable to escape constant worry, anxiety, and guilt. Feeling stuck and unable to explore personal worries can affect our abilities to have healthy social interaction, parenting, and family relationships. Thankfully, there is hope and healing beyond trauma. If you are struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, difficulties within relationships, foster care, or adoptive related issues, I can provide a safe, unbiased, and nonjudgmental environment where you can explore your concerns and move towards healing.

My approach to therapy is strength based, focusing on the present situation, and future goals. Additionally, I have both personal and professional experience with adoptive related issues. I will work with you to gain awareness about unique adoptive related issues. I am EMDR trained and will often use this modality to support individuals to resolve past trauma.

I am currently accepting new clients, primarily focusing on the adult population, individuals, or families struggling with foster care or adoptive related issues of all ages. I often have a variety of appointment times available including evenings and weekends.

Call or Email Laura Renee Burk for a free consultation now.

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You are not alone

Often we can find ourselves stuck and struggling with depression and anxiety can seem overwhelming.
There are ways forward from this isolation and we can work through it together.


Here for You

Relationships can be hard, even more so when there is little support for your relationship style.

I’m here to help. Whether you are looking for help with navigating consensual non-monogamy or you simply want relationship help without having to explain your relationship style, I am informed and capable of processing it with you.


Your relationship matters to me

Our most intimate relationships are foundational to our mental health and general happiness. I work from an emotionally focus informed perspective that focuses on shoring up the bonds within a couple and expanding empathy within the relationship. 

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